Lemon Smasher Elite-2020

The Lemon Smasher Elite-2020 is a state of the art Lemon Squeezer for commercial lemonade stands and vendors, Commercial food establishments, restaurants ,catering services and much more.



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The unit has three metal vertical alignment posts that come down and form the radius of the top of the cup. The third bar brace was added to the front of the machine which made it simple to perfectly align and center the cup and keep it in place.

The Lemon Smasher Elite-2017 also has installed, a rubber grommet washer, also called a wiper, beneath the plastic disc on the stainless steel cylinder preventing any splash above the disc. The grommet also seals the bottom of the disc as the puck comes down inside the cup and smashes / squeezes the lemons, and also keeps the cylinder clean. Also added was a rubber scuff proof round surface at the bottom of the machine to prevent the bottom of the cup from slipping.

Other lemon smashers had the push button air value, which activates the smasher, at the bottom of the machine. At the end of the day the bottom platform of the unit can get dirty and sticky. We decided to place the air value for the lemon smasher on the top of the plate platform. This modification allows the bottom of the machine to be submerged in hot water for easy cleaning.

Our pneumatic cylinder has two screw adjustments to perfectly adjust the pressure and speed of the puck movement. The Lemon Smasher Elite-2017 comes pre-calibrated for strong, smooth pressurized movement. Our unit is also very compact for storage and travel. All the parts on the machine can be easily replaced if ever necessary. We stock a full line of replacement parts and also offer support.

Our unit is the smoothest operating lemon smasher / squeezer on the market. If you do your research, you’ll find that all other lemon smashers /squeezers on the market have a somewhat violent smashing upward downward movement causing a lot of splash back out of the cup and on to the machine and table.

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