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Hi everyone, this is Joe. My partner Jennie and I have been in the Kettle Corn Business for the last five years. The kettle corn business is good and we found that by adding fresh lemonade to our product line, not only did it compliment the tasty kettle corn it also increased our sales in the hot summer months tremendously.

We began serving powered lemonade back in 2012, however it did not attract many customers. We found out very quickly that making and serving fresh lemonade was more appealing to our kettle corn customers.

We bought two lemon squeezer machines to start our lemonade drink business but found that the machines could use some improvements. Our machine had the activation button for the cylinder at the bottom of the unit.

This made it difficult to clean. So we decided to manufacture our own design. More about that later, but I can tell you one of the modifications we made was to put the activation switch on the top so you could submerge the bottom of the unit in hot soapy water for cleaning without harming the unit in anyway.

The design was so successful that we decided to add a manufacturing wing to our business. We now manufacture the lemon Smasher………. which we believe is a much better design than others on the market.

Please look around our website and get further details on the Lemon Smasher …..

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For Product or Technical Questions

For Billing, Shipping, & Pricing Questions